Snapshots from road trips on Historic U.S. 66, The Mother Road, from beginning to end

Snapshots Along the Road

Route 66 Road Trip Website

On this website our staff shares highlights of recent travels and popular road trips along Historic U.S. Route 66, featuring original photographs, personal commentary, travel reviews, travel guides, trip planning tips and recommendations.

We love America, and travel to the many exciting places and destinations that the country offers. We also enjoy being out on the open roads of America, like cross-country trips on Route 66, The Mother Road.

Photographing the past, saving it for the future ... on Historic U.S. Route 66

We have driven Route 66 in all eight states which the historic road traversed, and have accumulated a significant archive of photos and travel experiences.

We've visited Oatman, Glenrio, Needles, and Seligman. Then there were those trips through Galena, Cuba, Shamrock, Winslow, and Joplin, and so many more fun destinations and adventures!

We've enjoyed overnight lodging in cities like Kingman, Santa Fe, Tucumcari, Flagstaff, Springfield, Amarillo, Rolla, Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Staff Snapshot Highlights from Road Trips

On our journeys through all eight Route 66 states, we have taken tens of thousands of photos! On this website we highlight some of those from our photo archives ... and we include below just a few favorites of our staff "at work" on Route 66, several national parks and other fun road trips across America!

Route 66 near Oatman, AZ
Route 66 near Oatman, AZ
Old Route 66
The logo of Old Route 66 on the concrete
Walking the Route
Walking the Route
Glenrio, Texas
Visiting the the ghost town of Glenrio, Texas, on the New Mexico border
Happy Motoring on Route 66!
Happy Motoring on Route 66!
Shea's in Springfield
Visiting with Shea's in Springfield, Illinois
Photos on the Go
Photos on the Go
Exit 0 to Glenrio
Exit 0 to Glenrio, Texas
Ribbon Road in Miami OK
Ribbon Road in Miami OK
Route 66 in Tulsa
Route 66 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Route 66 Rest Stop
Route 66 Rest Stop
Solitude on Route 66
Solitude on Route 66
Historic 66 in Oklahoma
Historic 66 in Oklahoma
Blue Whale in Catoosa
Blue Whale in Catoosa, Oklahoma
The All-American Route 66
The All-American Route 66
Conoco Station in Commerce
Conoco Station in Commerce, Oklahoma
Route 66 Cafe in Cuba, MO
Route 66 Cafe in Cuba, MO
Route 66 near Miami, OK
Touching Route 66 near Miami, Oklahoma
Welcome to Kansas!
Welcome to Kansas ... the shortest segment of Historic Route 66
Rt66 West of Seligman
Route 66 west of Seligman, Arizona, on the way to Hackberry and Kingman
Galena, Kansas
Galena, Kansas, on Historic Route 66
Lodging in Seligman
Lodging in Seligman, Arizona along Route 66
Riding Route 66 in the Jeep
Riding Route 66 in the Jeep 4x4
Inside the Super Sport
Inside the 1962 Chevrolet Super Sport ... what a classic roadtripping vehicle!
Hudson in Holbrook
The old Hudson in Holbrook, Arizona, at Wigwam Village No. 6
Touching the Mother Road in AZ
Touching Route 66, the Mother Road, near Seligman, AZ
Remnants of Route 66
Remnants of Route 66 in Oklahoma
Red Classics on 66
The red Corvair and Metropolitan on Route 66 in Arizona
Exiting to Historical Route 66
Taking the exit to Historical Route 66
Climbing Old Fall River Road
Climbing Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Vacancy on the Mother Road
Vacancy on the Mother Road
The 62 Chevy Super Sport
The 62 Chevy Super Sport
Off Road near Route 66
Off Road on Route 66
Primitive Road near Oatman
Primitive Road near Oatman in western Arizona
Top of the Continental Divide
Top of the Continental Divide in New Mexico
Roadie with Roadie
Roadie with Roadie in Death Valley National Park in California
Road Trip in the Pacer
Road trip in the AMC Pacer!
Air Force One in Tucson
Air Force One at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona
Foggy Day in the Badlands
Foggy day in the Badlands National Park in South Dakota
The Peacemaker in Dayton
The B-36 Peacemaker at the Museum of the United States Air Force, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio
End of the Road in Waco
A quiet evening in the cabin at the end of the road in Waco, Texas
Nightime in Estes Park
Time to rest and take a break in Estes Park, Colorado
The Integra in Destin
The Acura Integra on a road trip to Destin, Florida
Winding through Custer State Park
Winding road trip through Custer State Park in South Dakota
Mt. Rainier Overlook
Stopping on the side of the road overlooking Mt. Rainier
Dirt Road in Monument Valley
Rough dirt road in the Monument Valley Tribal Park
Break time at Canyonlands NP
Taking a break, enjoying the vista at Canyonlands National Park in Utah
The B&B in Escalante
A quiet, fun stop at Canyons Bed & Breakfast in Escalante, Utah
Luxury at LaFonda in Santa Fe
A night of luxury in the penthouse at LaFonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Cold Day in Banff
A cold, snowy day at Banff in Canada
Red Roads of Zion NP
Road tripping on the red roads of Zion National Park in Utah
The Super Sport in Newport
The 1962 Chevrolet Super Sport stopping at The Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island
Retiring in Moab
Retiring in Moab
Cabrillo NM in San Diego
The Visitor Center at Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, California
Oops ... a Wrong Turn!
Oops, just made a wrong turn in Utah!
Pointe Santo de Sanibel
Many fun road trips to Pointe Santo de Sanibel near Fort Myers, Florida
Offroading near Moab
A fun day of offroading on a remote road near Moab, Utah
Monte Carlo at Lloyd Hall
The 1972 Monte Carlo stopping at Lloyd Hall near Alexandria, Louisiana
At Sea near Panama Canal
Sunset at sea, sailing near the Panama Canal
Visiting the San Diego Zoo
Visiting the San Diego Zoo
Storms in Escalante
A stormy night in Escalante, Utah
Fun Times at King's Crown
Exciting Times at King's Crown on Sanibel Island, Florida
Bisons at Yellowstone
Bisons at Yellowstone National Park
Bonneville Salt Flats
Walking the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah
Photographing Zion NP
Photographing Zion National Park in Utah
Quiet Day at Crater Lake
A quiet day at Crater Lake National Park
Dinosaurs near Holbrook
Dinosaurs near Holbrook and the Petrified Forest in Arizona
Jackass Junction on AZ Rt66
Jackass Junction in Oatman, Arizona on old U.S. Route 66
Hasta la Vista - Till Next Time
Hasta la Vista - Till that next road trip on Historic Route 66


Another Stop on the Mother Road:
The Painted Desert

Shown here is signage at the Painted Desert marking the path of Route 66 through eight states, and through this area of Arizona. It reads, in part ...

Route 66 sign and marker in the Painted Desert in Arizona ... Gaze down the long road and listen. You may hear echoes of the past ... echoes of Route 66

"Gaze down the long road and listen. You may hear echoes of the past ... echoes of Route 66"


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