Road trip on Route 66 to Adrian, Texas, the Mid-Point of the Mother Road

Travel Route 66 to Adrian, Texas

U.S. Route 66 across Texas totaled 186 miles, and closely followed today's Interstate I-40.

The Mother Road crossed the Texas state line at Texola, OK, near Shamrock, and traveled west through McLean, Alanreed, Groom, Amarillo and into Adrian. From there, it continued on to Glenrio and into New Mexico.

Adrian is a popular stop for travelers, as it is located at the geo-mathematical midpoint of Route 66, positioned 1,139 miles (1,833 km) from both Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California. It is a small community, with only a couple of hundred residents.

The town's motto is "When you are here, you're halfway there."

Fran Houser, the owner of the Midpoint Café restaurant, antique and souvenir shop from 1990 until 2012, was the basis for the character of Flo of "Flo's V-8 Café" diner in the movie "Cars".

Route 66 travelers to Adrian also visit the Lions Antique Museum which displays farm and ranch equipment from the 1920s to 1950s, a Windmill which draws water from a well drilled by the Rock Island Railroad, and an Antique Ranch which offers antiques and barbecue.

Map showing the location of Adrian, Texas along U.S. Route 66, between Amarillo and Glenrio
Map showing the location of Adrian, Texas on U.S. Route 66


Adrian, Texas, City Limit on Historic Route 66 ... Population 166

Welcome to Adrian, Texas ... the midpoint of Historic Route 66

The midpoint of Route 66 in Adrian, Texas

Midpoint Cafe & Gift Shop in Adrian

Located at the exact geo-mathematical center of Route 66

A great place to enjoy the delicious hamburgers and famous "ugly crust pies"! And a popular stop for photo ops and selfies!

For more information, phone 806.536.6379 and visit the ...

Midpoint Cafe & Gift Shop on Facebook

Route 66 Roadside Attraction: Midpoint Cafe and Gift Shop, Adrian, Texas

Route 66 Roadside Attraction: Midpoint Cafe and Gift Shop, Adrian, Texas

Fabulous 40s Motel

Located at 301 West Historic Route 66 ... "the first and last motel in Texas", at I-40 Exits 22 and 23. Phone 806.538.6215

Fabulous 40s Motel on Facebook

The Fabulous 40 Motel, in Adrian, Texas

Texas Bar-B-Q & Antiques in Adrian, Texas (Staff photo, September, 2003) ... Later Brenda's Cafe
Texas Bar-B-Q at the mid-point of Route 66, in Adrian, Texas

The Bent Door Midway Station

The Bent Door Café and trading post in Adrian was built by Bob Harris in 1947 on the site of the 1940s Kozy Kottage Kamp. The structure incorporates portions of a former air traffic control tower decommissioned after World War II - the tower windows originally slanted toward the runway, so the door is bent to match. The most recent Bent Door restoration efforts were begun in 2009.

Read about the status of the Bent Door restoration on Facebook

The historical Bent Door Midway Station in Adrian, Texas The famous red Bent Door at the Midway Station on Route 66 in Adrian, Texas

Interactive Map of Adrian, Texas



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